? Why Engineers Are Jobless in Pakistan

Engineering is one of the best as well as one of the most demanding field in the world. But in Pakistan the total circumstance is change, as the market is flooded with engineers and engineering diploma holders. Here Complete essay about Why Engineers Are Jobless in Pakistan ? Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and our industry is facing downfall. There are less opportunities for construction and other technical fields due to this downfall of industry. Our country is producing more engineers than the current demands which leads to unemployment in Pakistan. There are many reasons behind this unemployment. One of the biggest reason is that everyone want to be engineer in Pakistan because it is comparatively easy field than medical or other fields. Moreover, there are large number of private institutes which are producing large number of engineers every year without knowing the current market requirements. Asides this, our industry has switched to the machines from labor force. As I told you in above paragraph that private institute are producing large number of engineers every year. Therefore they are focusing on quantity buy skipping quality. These private institute also not provide opportunity of internship to students and that is why when they came into market they are experience less.

These engineers have less knowledge about their field and they usually prove less beneficial for companies and industries. No one want to drain their business that is why they do not rely on fresh graduates and they always prefers experience holders. Asides from this circumstance, technology is growing day by day. Machines and robots have replaced the labor as they are cheap and prove much beneficial for industry.

In Pakistan if you really want to be engineer and want to do a good job than you have to keep in mind that you have to be engineering wizard. Engineer’s job is to produce new machine, not to resolve the issues produce by machines. Meaning of this statement is that, you have to be creative not to be machines. Pakistani engineers are not able to make cars, electronic products and other electronic product. In case any Pakistani engineer became able to make these things than their cost is more than the branded one than why a person will purchase that thing? One more thing, in Pakistan there is no research department for engineers nor development department in Pakistan. Those students who have knowledge along with passion to do something for their country have less opportunities or you can say have no opportunity to pursue his dream.

Like Other fields, engineering is also a good field. It is the negligence of our government that they are not using the men power of their country to make their country prosper. They have to trust the engineers of their own country instead of Chines or any other engineers. If our government will focus on this circumstance than no one will be jobless in future years and we will be able to give aid to other countries instead of begging for aid to other countries.

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